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SPRING SALE - Save 50% Today + FREE Shipping!
SPRING SALE - Save 50% Today + FREE Shipping!

Lumen® Becoming Your True Authentic Self Course (Value $547)


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$1 Of Every Order Goes to the Child Mind Institute

What Do You Do After You Finish The Love Your Health Kick-Start Program?

We finally came up with the solution, and it’s the “Discovering Your True Authentic Self” course and it is ONLY for those that are truly committed for lasting change.

But you’re serious about this right?!

I know you are! Just by making it this far you have shown you have the grit and fortitude than most and are ready to tap into your ultimate potential!

You ARE ready to make BIG changes in your life!

The hardest part is over and you have leaned into your future and have embraced a new path of discovery full of limitless possibilities.

Be proud of yourself and welcome all the positive changes that are about to take place in your life.

Now, its time to ride this momentum and and Discover Your True Authentic Self!

The step-by-step process for letting go of what others think and living as the REAL you...

This powerful course contains 49 lessons that lead you on a step-by-step journey to true, freeing authenticity.

A journey of reflection, clarification, courage, self-acceptance, and love.

A journey to the TRUE you.

In The Life-Changing Course, You’ll Learn:

  • How to shed the harmful expectations of others
  • How to discover who YOU truly are (and NOT who others want you to be)
  • How to UNLOCK your true passions
  • How to build UNSHAKABLE self-esteem (that no one else can tear down…)
  • How to let go of mistakes and learn to ACCEPT yourself (and finally move on)
  • How to let go of mistakes and learn to ACCEPT yourself (and finally move on)
  • How to EMBRACE your individuality
  • How to LOVE yourself (with all your strengths and weaknesses)
  • How to FIND your life purpose and stop wandering from thing to thing
  • How to show the world the REAL you without fear of what they’ll think
  • How to shape and create the JOYFUL life you’ve always wanted by living authentically
  • And so much more!
This powerful journey could absolutely change your life.

In 20 years, you could look back on THIS as the time when you discovered true authenticity.

When you were set free.

When you stopped being what OTHERS wanted and became the person you were DESTINED to be.

This is your moment.