Lumen Naturals 100% Pure Forskolin 20% Standardized Becomes Available Today Exclusively on

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Lumen Naturals is a brand new health supplement company that specializes in 100% natural weight loss supplements in an effort to combat obesity. Founder, Adam Donahue, is concerned about the obesity epidemic in the United States, and believes there is an easy way to quickly and naturally lose weight. His companies first product, 100% Pure Forskolin Standardized at 20% is available for purchase today exclusively on at a special introductory price.

Lumen Naturals is selling exclusively on because Donahue believes that it is the best way to ensure highest quality shipping services, but also that the best price point can be achieved by using Amazon fulfillment warehouses. “By utilizing the reach and popularity of’s warehouses and superior shipping service, we were really able to bring our prices down for our customers,” says Donahue. “That’s important to us because we want to see this magical new product in the hands of as many people as possible.” is the world’s most trusted online retailer and sees global annual sales of nearly one hundred billion dollars US per year. Due to exclusive deals with the most common shipping providers in the US, Amazon is able to ship at very low costs, even free with purchases over $35, and offers the fastest turn around from purchase time to the time the product will arrive at your door.

“Nature has provided us with this amazing weight loss supplement with a funny name. Lumen Naturals Forskolin 20% Standardized provides a real way to reduce your weight easily and naturally,” boasts Donahue. “I want to see a healthier public in this country. You don’t have to go on fad diets constantly, which can be dangerous because you can actually cut out vital nutrients and vitamins that you get from the food you eat, and you don’t need to become a fitness nut and go out and run marathons.”

Lumen Naturals with pharmacist, Melissa Lawrence, during R&D stages who also has training in holistic massage therapy. She explains why natural weight loss supplements are important, “The problem with a lot of weight loss drugs on the market today, is that they can sometimes result in dangerous side effects. So one hand, you are treating a weight problem with a drug, like Xenical, that can reduce weight, but on the other hand, it can also lead to sever liver and kidney damage.”

Lumen Naturals 100% Pure Forskolin is standardized at 20% for maximum bioavailability and is available today exclusively on Amazon. Lumen Naturals is launching their new product at an introductory price of $17.50.