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SPRING SALE - Save 50% Today + FREE Shipping!
Add A Weight Loss Belfie To Lumen Naturals New Facebook Community Receive 15% Off Pure Forskolin

Add A Weight Loss Belfie To Lumen Naturals New Facebook Community Receive 15% Off Pure Forskolin

Lumen Naturals launched their very first product, 100% Pure Forskolin 20% Standardized exclusively on just last month, and today they are announcing the launch of their Facebook page.

Founder of Lumen Naturals, Adam Donahue, reflects on the power of social media for customer engagement, saying, “We love communicating with our customers and hearing about the results they are seeing from our health supplements. Facebook allows us to create a vibrant community of people on the same path, sharing success stories with us and each other so that everyone can see and share their weight loss journey.”

To celebrate the launch, Lumen Naturals is offering a 15% OFF discount on one bottle of 100% Pure Forskolin 20% Standardized for every customer that posts a ‘belfie’, otherwise known as a belly selfie.

“Post a photo of your belfie on our wall and we’ll give you a discount,” states Donahue. “Posting the photo will announce the beginning of your journey to battle your belly fat. You’ll become part of our community joining so many others that are taking the same journey you are, fighting the same battle against fat. And you’ll get a discount on the all natural dietary supplement Forskolin that plays a crucial role in winning the battle against obesity. It’s that simple.”

Over 80% of Americans have a Facebook account, and are using it everyday to engage with friends and family as well as with brands and products. It allows customers to engage directly with the customer support team at Lumen Naturals in an open, community-driven environment.

“Lumen Naturals prides itself on communication and customer service. Every time we talk to our customers we are listening and learning to offer the best products that really work and the best customer support for our customers so they know they are purchasing a product that really works and also that they are not alone in this war,” said Donahue.

Lumen Naturals support community is available today on Facebook where a belfie is worth 15% off 100% Pure Forskolin 250mg Supercharge belly melt weight loss supplement.


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